Sunday, February 14, 2010

Brushing Teeth And Orange Juice Don't Mix

I am Looking Down In The Mouth


Panda Express

Banana Martini

OH! The Humanatee

Customer Observation

Rude Customer


Be Good For Goodness Sake

Can I Keep It?

Weird Gecko

Customer Teeth And Gum

Gorilla Water Color

Alligator Water Color


Snapping Turtle

Nerd #1
Nerd #2

Nerd #3

Nerd# 4

Bow Tie Kid


Subway Observation

Subway Observation #2

Mohawk Girl

Funny Girl

Lady Big Head

Girl From The Park

Man From The Gas Station

Man From Hospital

Subway People #3

Pondering Gentleman With Funny Hat

Restaurant Observation
Subway People #4

Man From The Park

Dancing Girl

Veteran and Eagle

Resting At Garbage Can

Beautiful Men

Beautiful Women


Man From Park #2